Tuesday, April 12, 2011

PRN ELECTION SARAWAK - George Chan has a succession plan .. What about Lim Kit Siang ??

MIRI: SUPP president Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam, a favourite target of the DAP, says he has a succession plan while the Opposition party has none.

The Deputy Chief Minister said the DAP should look at its own backyard before poking its nose into the internal affairs of another party.

"Did (DAP Advisor) Lim Kit Siang tell us about his succession plan? How about Karpal (Singh) and the Chongs?," he asked, referring to Sarawak DAP founder Chong Siew and his son, state party secretary Chieng Jien.

"We never ask about their succession plan because we all know that theirs is a dynasty. We don't have a dynasty," he said Monday.

Chan has helmed the state Barisan Nasional's second largest party since 1996.

The DAP, which faces SUPP in 15 constituencies, has been targeting Chan's leadership of SUPP in its campaign for the state election on Saturday.

"Of course, I know who is going to succeed me," Chan said.

"The 300 youth leaders that I have will give me an indication whether I am right or not in my choice.

"It is important that they accept him so the party can go full force (forward)," he added.

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