Saturday, April 16, 2011

George chan kalah tapi gentleman

Selalunya bila seseorang calon kalah , beliau tak akan datang ke tempat pengumuman di pusat penjumlahan rasmi tapi lain perangai dato pattinggi george chan ..

..Tapi yang hairan , kenapa penyokong penyokong DAP "boo" kan Dato Pattinggi bila beliau keluar berdepan dengan orang ramai.

Well, pengundi di Miri telah memilih calon dan mereka mengharap kan apa yang dijanji oleh calon DAP iaitu "UBAH" akan betul betul berubah ..
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  1. DAP won the contest by promoting racist politics and lies. I'm certain that nothing in the said constituency would "ber-ubah". Just look at the state of Penang (Pulau Pinang); nothing has changed and it would not changed till BN takes over the state.

  2. Well, go to penang first before make any false accusation... I've been here in penang before and after election and see how PR handle the penang govrnment.... Koh tsu khoon leave a lot of mess to Guan Eng to handled... BN, accusing PR for not handling a good job, whereas the truth is, BN leave all of their messes unsettled... issues like buah pala, which already been settled, sparked by BN just to intimidating PR and Guan Eng...

  3. de video posted of 7april shown tat de so called BN veteran got hell lotsa supporters.. within 10days the supporters decided to jump ship??? ROFL to de max!